Kara Eaker Suffers Huge Blow After Testing Covid Positive Leading Up To The Olympics

Kara Eaker
Kara Eaker

Kara Eaker was jolted by sad news just days earlier the Olympics. She was found to be positive with covid-19. Eaker now has to face quarantine which would harm her practice schedule. Officials stated that Eaker, along with Leanne Wong both were to be in isolation. However, Wong has completed her doses of vaccines. 

Kara Eaker Found Covid Positive, Olympics Seems To Be Plagued By The Pandemic

In a sad turn of events, Eaker found her covid reports to be positive. She was brought in as a replacement gymnast athlete. Kara  Eaker was found positive on Monday, just days prior to the Olympic games. The report was found out at a Japan training site. The authorities of the Olympics did not release an official statement. Neither did they disclosed the name of the infected athlete. They referred to her as a teenager. 

The Gymnastics authority of the  US declared Eaker as the infected one. They also issued for her isolation along with another fellow athlete. 

Mark Eaker is the father of Kara Eaker. He was griefed at the thought of her child not being able to participate in the games. He stated that it was a dream come true for Kara to compete in the Olympics. To see those dreams getting dashed was a heartbreaking sight. He stated that Kara has worked very hard to get a call-up for the games. He prayed for his daughter’s speedy recovery and believed she would come back stronger. 

Katherine Eaker who is the mother of Kara Eaker issued a statement as well. She said she was very happy about the fact that Kara was being vaccinated. She urged everyone to understand the importance of vaccines. Kara was among the replacements for the US gymnasts. Wong, Emma Malabuyo & Kayla Dicello were the other replacements. 

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