Twitter: What to do to get More Followers 


When it comes to twitter, it is all about your follower count, because those with the most followers are the most relevant and have the most power and influence. The aim of the tweeting game is to gain followers and therefore relevance, power and influence. Having a large following ensures that your tweets are seen, favourited, retweeted and replied to, which keeps your account popular and growing. It can be incredibly tough to gain new followers on twitter and even tougher as a new account. It is very frustrating to experience slow growth, especially when you have good content that is simply seen by nobody. If you’d like to grow your twitter following, here are some ways to do just that.  

Post Relevant Content 

When posting on twitter it is vital to be relevant to your brand and your image. People follow other people on twitter when they post content that is relevant to them, so find your niche and stay relevant to that niche. Your content does not only apply to your account, it applies to you, your brand and your followers. When posting, keep in mind that your twitter content should apply to all the aforementioned people in order for it to be successful. There are a few ways to determine if your content is relevant. Your content should be up to date with current affairs, especially on twitter. If you need more time to focus on content creation, it’s understandable, since there are many things that you need to focus on. You could try a growth service like Twesocial to get Twitter followers, which will allow you to focus on just creating content, while their account managing team does the rest. Everyone knows everything about everyone so make sure your information is correct and true. If your followers engage with your content, this is a good sign that you are keeping it up to date and relevant.  

Tweet at the Right Times 

Tweeting at the right time is much more important than you’d think. It is important to consider when your followers are most active and when they interact with your posts the most. This will depend on your target audience and your geographical location and various other factors. On twitter, it is best to post a lot, but not too much that it starts looking like spam. You can work out how much to post by starting off with posting as much as you can, then when interactions with your tweets start to decline, you’ve hit your limit of how much you should post in a day. With this information, you should create a posting schedule for yourself with how many times to tweet in a day, and when you should tweet.  

Active Engagement 

When using twitter, you cannot run a successful account by only posting content. You must interact with other users content and engage with people who interact with your content. This means that you should favourite, retweet, and reply to other peoples tweets in order to have an increased Twitter following. By doing this you encourage more engagement with your account which will then bring you more followers. When people favourite, retweet and reply to your tweets, try to do the same for their tweets. You can find new people to engage with by searching relevant hashtags and engaging with other peoples content under that hashtag. Active engagement is one of the key factors to growing your following on twitter.  

Be Visually Appealing 

Tweets are usually just text posts, which is fine, but it doesn’t create much engagement from your followers. When you tweet, a simple trick to get more people to engage with your content is to make your post more visually stimulating. You can do this in a few ways. The easiest way to make your post stand out from the rest is to make it longer. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to add more words, it just means you should space them out and make your tweets appear longer. If that doesn’t work, try adding a gif to your post. A gif is instantly eye-catching and will draw much more attention to your post. You can also add relevant pictures, memes or videos to your tweets to make them even more eye-catching. All of these ways to make your tweets more visually appealing are a great way to increase follower engagement and in turn, your following.  

If you don’t get the expected result by following all the above-mentioned methods, then look at our most recommended methods to get more followers on Twitter