Karine Jean-Pierre Concludes Hanoi Presser Even As The US President Rambles On

Karine Jean-Pierre

President Joe Biden had his Hanoi press conference cut abruptly mid-sentence by Karine Jean-Pierre, his own press secretary. He was speaking away into the microphone when she cut him off in a moment that some experts feel could become the precedentThe press conference was on Sunday evening. The US President slowly exited the stage after Karine Jean-Pierre interrupted his train of thought. The sound of relaxing jazz music was heard as Biden disappeared behind a dark velvet curtain.

Karine Jean-Pierre’s action was similar to acceptance ceremonies at the Academy Awards when Oscar winners are abruptly cut short by background music if they exceed their stipulated time for the acceptance speech. Biden was into his rambling speech as he talked about stability, the Third World, and the Southern Hemisphere. It was clear that he was finding it difficult to present a coherent viewpoint.

Incredible End To Speech As Karine Jean-Pierre Buts Into The President’s Presser

The voice of Karine Jean-Pierre butted in suddenly. She thanked everyone and announced the end of the press conference. She ended her brief announcement by once again thanking all. This abruptly ended the US President’s Hanoi presser. Even after his mic was cut off, the president continued, not realizing that he wasn’t audible. Even as he tried to answer questions, jazz music began. And even as Joe Biden tried to make himself heard across the din, the music only intensified.

Joe Biden was forced to pack away his folder and he shuffled away offstage. On stage, it was a 26-minute press engagement in which a set number of five reporters were called on. He ended the event by telling the reporters that he was going to bed. Most questions that the president answered were linked to China. Biden avoided answering questions about North Korea and Russia’s business link or about the fact that Ukraine has expressed discontent that Russia was not named the aggressor at the G20 summit in India.