Karine Jean-Pierre Tested Positive For Covid-19 Recently

Karine Jean-Pierre
Karine Jean-Pierre

Karine Jean-Pierre, the Principal Deputy Secretary of Press was tested positive for coronavirus after she returned from a journey to Europe with Joe Biden, the President of America. Following this incident, a statement was released regarding Karine Jean-Pierre from the White House. The statement cleared it that she was not in close proximity with Joe Biden throughout the trip. 

Karine Jean-Pierre Went To A Trip To Europe With Joe Biden 

According to CDC guidance, Joe Biden went on the trip to give a speech in a meeting that followed all the protocols of Covid-19, and thus, he maintained a proper distance from everyone.

Karine Jean-Pierre shared the information about her transmission with everyone and mentioned that she has shown extreme transparency with the situation. 

Karine Jean-Pierre, a member of the White House, was vaccinated before and also went for her booster shot a few days back. She revealed that as she took all the precautions guaranteed by the Government, she is only facing mild symptoms which is a relief to her family. There are certain protocols and rules that are made mandatory by the White House regarding any political meeting or event. She is thankful that every such protocol was followed during the trip due to which though she has been found positive, the President of the U.S. was saved. 

In the words of Karine Jean-Pierre, she will execute all her responsibilities from her house and will also take care of herself as per the instructions given by the medical team. She will try to get back to her post as soon as possible. However, as per the protocol, she could only return after living alone for five days and then taking a test for covid-19 again. Only if in that report she is tested negative, she can come back to work again.

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