Katie Ledecky Dethroned At The 2020 Olympics By The Terminator!

Katie Ledecky
Katie Ledecky

On Sunday, Katie Ledecky, the best female swimmer, swam the 2nd fastest four hundred meters freestyle in her entire life. Katie Ledecky swam fast and did enough! For almost a decade, her greatness remained untouchable, she swam flawlessly and emerged a champion every single time. 

Katie Ledecky Beaten By The One Whom She Inspired!

However, at the Aquatics Center of Tokyo, when Ledecky managed to hit the wall, feeling strong and smooth, stronger and smoother than she swam in her last five years, Ledecky saw that someone was coming to overtake her from her left. The fastest swimmer, she is called the Terminator. Ariane Titmus, an Australian swimmer, 20 years old managed to chase down Katie Ledecky and finally dethroned her. This happened in the swimming finals, the 2nd day in Tokyo.

Titmus managed to complete the race in 3:56:69, which is the 2nd fastest time achieved by any swimmer. Titmus finished 0.67 seconds before Ledecky that day. After the race, Katie Ledecky said that she was not feeling like she fell off or died. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the fastest swimmer, Ledecky, just got chased down and beaten. 

A woman who is her junior by four years managed to beat her. There is something extra special too. Titmus got inspired by the greatness of Ledecky. After climbing out, Titmus approached Katie Ledecky, told her she is a fan and thanked her with all her heart. After the race, Titmus said that she would not have been here if it wasn’t for Ledecky. She added that Katie has set an amazing standard for all the girls interested in distance freestyle. She said that back from childhood, she used to chase Ledecky.