Adam Frazier Move Finally Happening After A Long Time!

Adam Frazier
Adam Frazier

The move of Adam Frazier was one, which was anticipated by fans. The Pirates were expected to go through with that move. However, the fans didn’t expect the timing of the move to be so bizarre. 

Ben Cherington Explains The Move Of Adam Frazier!

The move of Adam Frazier happened on Sunday inside the 8th inning of the gateway game against the Giants. Ben Cherington, General Manager, Pirates sent Frazier, second baseman, All-Star with nearly $1.4M to the Padres. He had three prospects in his mind while deciding on this move. This week, Cherington is looking to make several deals like this one. He wants to put in several talents in the farm system. The Pirates are not getting Marcano only in the deal. Along with him, the Pirates are set to get Jack Suwinski, back outfielder, and Mitchell Milliano, pitcher. 

The announcement of the move of Adam Frazier first reached reporter Jeff Passan, ESPN. The Post-Gazette also was very quick to confirm the news. Derek Shelton, manager, Pirates, said that Frazier was substituted because of a lot of caution. Derek Shelton, however, declined to speak more on the matter. He said he will wait until the deal of Adam Frazier gets finalized.

The physical round is the only round that is left to be completed. The deal looks set to happen. The deal ends the Pirates’ tenure of Frazier. His career with the Pirates started in 2013 when he was drafted in the 6th round. This year, Frazier seemed to be in the best form of his life. This year, he got the MLB award of the most dependable and reliable hitters. Meanwhile, Adam Frazier is leading the players of the All MLB team.