Keep Your Child Safe Online During The Coronavirus Lockdown

kids Modern Education
kids Modern Education

Schools, colleges, and workplaces have moved their classes and work to online platforms due to the coronavirus lockdown all over the US.

Parents now have to manage both their work and kids. As educational institutes have moved to take online classes possibly for the rest of the academic year, parents are anxious about the safety of their kids online. 

There are multiple apps and we figured out the top 5 apps that will provide relief to the parents. These apps let parents monitor and restrict the online activities of their kids. 

Net Nanny is an AI-based app that blocks potentially dangerous content on the web. It filters websites, monitors the child’s online activity and reports the child’s online search history to the parent via its Family Feed Feature.

Bark app monitors emails, text messages, and social media networks. It sends alerts to the parents if it finds cyber-bullying, adult content, and more. 

Ourpact monitors and balances kid’s screen time with GPS tracking and filtering websites. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Goya-Move focuses on the physical activity of kids. It can lock certain apps unless kids complete step counts. 

Parents can create a google id of their kids if they are 13-year-old or more. It will give the parents the authority to approve or deny the permission to download certain apps their kid requested.

Which ones are you going to use?


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