Shailene Woodley Confesses That A Personal Physical Situation Almost Ruined Her Career

Shailene Woodley
Shailene Woodley

The Divergent star, Shailene Woodley, has revealed how a health issue had almost put her career to a possible halt. This problem emerged when the actress was working on the Divergent series. 

She did not elaborate much about her illness but she did mention that she might reveal it in the future. All she hinted at was that when she was working hard in the Divergent movies, she was struggling with a sickness – a personal “physical situation” that felt really scary. During that time, she did get a lot of other offers too but she strictly said ‘No’. 

Sadly, these job offers went to other peers. She also mentioned that she was heavily criticized for not accepting so many offers.

People told Shailene that she should not have rejected so many offers or that she should not have been ill at this moment. Her inner self was also in deep doubt. ‘Am I going to survive what I’m going through right now and ever be healthy, or even have the opportunity to work on projects I’m passionate about again because of the situation I’m in?’ 

She chose to surrender to her physical situation and accepted that her career may be ruined.

Eventually, she recovered and her career is flying as well.

She has become more grounded, come to terms with her mental health, and has gained a lot more clarity about her life, relationships, and career. 

She is quite grateful that she had to walk through that trail of fire. She came out scorched but she is much wiser.