Joe Manchin-Joe Biden Talks Have Broken Down

West Virginia
West Virginia

Joe Manchin finally appeared on Fox News to state that he couldn’t possibly support Joe Biden’s sweeping social and climate plan. Joe Biden was at home in Delaware, witnessed it all on live television as Manchin stated that he had tried everything humanly possible- and the answer was a no. Biden, who had the time to learn of Manchin’s plans just a few minutes before the appearance on TV, tried to get the senator on the phone- but his attempts were completely unsuccessful.

Joe Manchin Goes Back On His Decision Of Standing Behind The President 

It can be mentioned without a shadow of a doubt that the actions of Joe Manchin definitely astonished as well as infuriated the President and most of his top advisers- people who were familiar with the reaction- who had spent the last 12 months talking to the senator- in Delaware, in the Senate, even in the houseboat that Manchin owned. In a step that might prove fatal, the White House went out and torched Manchin afterward in a statement that was filled with resentment- shattering the amity that the President had so tried to cultivate,

Joe Biden himself signed off on the statement from the White House which was issued by Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary, after the announcement of Joe Manchin on Fox News- as reported by a source familiar with the entire debacle. While the staff drafted the language that addressed the specific concerns put forward by Manchin, on climate provisions, inflation, and how the plan was supposed to be paid for Biden specifically instructed them to add that if Manchin stood behind his words, then he had violated the word that he had given to the President himself. 

While the multiple talks between the President and Joe Manchin never seemed to give a lot of boost to the rest of the Democrats, Manchin had agreed privately to one thing- as reported by the White House. He had agreed to support a framework of the plan of Biden, over which he would be working for the next months. Eight Sundays later, it was all over on live Television.

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