Kehlani Allegedly Assualted In The UK


A traumatic incident took place after Kehlani finished their performance and was escorted backstage, and a perverted audience touched them inappropriately. They expressed their disgust on Instagram. Repeatedly deleted posted videos, later explained why.

The Fans Support Kehlani

Kehlani wrote later explaining why they kept deleting the Instagram post, they didn’t want to show fans or critics their vulnerability and when they are angry, triggered, or upset.

The 27 years old singer came as a lesbian a few months ago, narrow-minded people have already crossed the line. As Kehlani said no matter what song type they chose to make, or portray intimate scenes or sexuality, that’s nowhere near justified to touch someone inappropriately.

Kehlani wrote on the Instagram post vividly how they were assaulted within a fraction of a second while being escorted. The assault’s description made the fans sick to their stomach not only that it shattered so many thinking about what they felt at that moment. Fans support Kehlani over Instagram and many members of the community came forward to give them strength and to make everyone aware of such a perverted person even exists.

They were performing at the O2 victoria warehouse in Manchester, England. After performing they were leaving the stage area when someone stick their hands under the skirt they were wearing. The victim was traumatized after the incident, and quite evident to be in bad shape.

The disrespect was not even expected from the Manchester audience, and other supporters are ashamed that they had to go through this while they were in their city. After fans have showered them with so much love and support, they thanked everyone over an Instagram post, as Kehlani didn’t go to the press, they just posted to warn everyone, before such misdeeds happen to them.

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