Keisha Lance Bottoms Suggests Handling The Election Law In A Better Manner

Keisha Lance Bottoms
Keisha Lance Bottoms

Keisha Lance Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta, made an urge to the people with regard to the new election law of the state of Georgia. This was done this Wednesday. The mayor made the urge that instead of boycotting the companies based in the state, it was better to back the voting legislation of the federal instead. The companies based in Georgia were being boycotted as resistance to the newly introduced laws of the election.

Keisha Lance Bottoms’ Perspective

Keisha Lance Bottoms gave a statement on a platform of one of the popular news channels. It was stated that the real concern of the mayor is with the families that are to be impacted following the move to boycott. She further claimed her belief that there is a better way to bring about the necessary changes.

The protestors have made the decision of boycotting some high-profile companies of the state as an act of dissent. The companies include Home Depot, Coca-Cola, and Delta. The reason behind this decision is that there was no sufficient effort that came from these companies with regard to going against the controversial election laws. 

As per the law referred to by Keisha Lance Bottoms there will be the requirement of identification documents in case of absentee ballots. The law also gives powers to the officials of the state with regard to the election boards of the locals. The use of ballot drop boxes is put to limit by the law. And finally, it criminalizes the act of providing the voters with water and food when they are standing in a line. It is these provisions that sparked protests across the country and led to the involvement of Keisha Lance Bottoms. The ones who came forth actively include some civil rights groups and Joe Biden, the President of the country.