Barbara Cegavske Speaks On Election Fraud Allegations

Barbara Cegavske
Barbara Cegavske

The office of Barbara Cegavske, the secretary of state of Nevada, released a statement with regard to the case of voter fraud. The statement was directed to the state’s Republican party. 

Barbara Cegavske Claimed Absence Of “Evidentiary Support” 

As per the statement, it was cleared out that there is no evidence to be found in the case of the allegations made by the party. The Republican party had called that widespread voter fraud had been practiced in the election of 2020. 

The letter released by Barbara Cegavske’s office stated that there was no “evidentiary support” to be found according to the claims made by the Republicans. It was addressed to the Republican party of the state of Nevada. 

Barbara Cegavske is the only one to hold an office in the state as a Republican. She gave a detailed account of what took place in the election. It was stated that the staff in charge of the election duty had four boxes that contained materials. The delivery of those boxes was made to the state capitol on the 4th of March. After that, those were delivered to the office of the Secretary of State of Nevada.

The total number of records supporting the allegations was 122,918. Those were filed by the GOP members of the state. The office of Barbara Cegavske narrowed down some from the list. Currently, the number of allegations is 3,963. Among those, some of the reports were already getting investigated. 

The GOP of the state filed nearly 400 complaints. They were with regard to the issue that votes were cast even by the “non-citizens.” To this, the investigative report referred to the laws approved by the Supreme Court of the US and that of the courts of appeal of the country. 

According to the above-mentioned laws, the officials in the election do not have the right to require citizenship proof through the documents in order to cast the vote. And the law of the state of Nevada approves the federal law with regard to the subject.