Kelly Clarkson Ends Her Marriage With Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson has filed a divorce suit against her husband. She has been legally termed as a single individual by the court of law. Clarkson had earlier filed for the same in July. The marriage was officially dissolved in August by a judge. This came as a relief for Clarkson as she had to wait for almost two years. Clarkson requested the court to legally end the marriage. She stated that ending the marriage would be beneficial to both Clarkson and Blackstock. This would provide them with the much-needed space. It would also free them of all the bindings and help them concentrate on their career. Kelly Clarkson was ordered to pay a hefty sum by the court of law. She was asked to provide 200,000 per month to Blackstock as child support. According to sources, Clarkson did not have any issues with the amount. She happily agreed to pay the sum of money mentioned by the court.

Kelly Clarkson Is Now Officially Single

Clarkson has been reportedly enjoying her single life very much. She is exploring and experimenting with her new life. Clarkson is very much pleased with the fact that she gets to keep her children with her. According to the court, Kelly will hold custody of the child for the major part of the week. She is ecstatic and very happy to spend quality time with her babies. 

The divorce was filed by Kelly Clarson way back in the month of June 2020. Clarkson was granted permission to be with her children for most of the time in November. She has two children- Remington Alexander & River Rose. They are seven and five years of age respectively. Clarkson is looking forward to looking after her children as a full-time mother. 

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