PJ Washington To Pay 200K Per Month In Child Support To Brittany Renner

PJ Washington
PJ Washington

PJ Washington has agreed to pay a significant amount to the mother of his child in child support.

PJ Washington is a basketball pro and is in the team of Charlotte Hornets belonging to the NBA. He is 22-years of age and is widely known. The first child of this athlete was born earlier in the year, with Brittany Renner, a model on Instagram, 29 years of age. The couple, however, separated a little after the child was born.

According to sources, PJ Washington has a salary of $4.2 million every year before the tax deductions. As he pays 200k for supporting his child’s needs to Brittany Renner, the net amount stands at a significant $2.4M every year, leaving PJ with less than half his annual salary, standing at $1.8M. PJ Washington will be paying this amount every year until the child attains 18 years of age. 

However, Brittany Renner, the model on Instagram, and the mother of PJ’s child have a net worth that is presently estimated to be below a million. The child was born in the month of May 2021, and they had publicly announced their relationship shortly before February 2021.

PJ Washington Receives Immense Support From Fans

PJ Washington has received a lot of support after the news was made public and a video of Brittany Renner surfaced online where she called athletes “really dumb”. This has outraged the fans who are now standing in support of PJ and are empathizing with the athlete. Thousands of Tweets have been made in favor of PJ Washington and all fans have mentioned their sadness. 

While some have openly criticized the Instagram model, some have taken to their humor and started creating memes about the outrageous amount that the athlete has to part with for child support for the coming 18 years.