Midnight Mass Review

Midnight Mass
Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass has premiered its new episodes for the season. The latest season of the show was hyped up for a long time. It was a much-anticipated release that fans waited for a long time. The series focuses on a blessed priest that magically heals a distraught town. The series is the latest release on Netflix and promises to deliver rich dividends. The storytelling pattern of the series is what interests audiences the most. The series is directed by Mike Flanagan. He is one of the most accomplished directors in recent times. Mike has an enviable portfolio and some huge hits to boast about. Let us learn in detail more about Midnight Mass. 

Midnight Mass Most Likely To Be A Hit: Critics

Mike Flanagan has a unique flair that sets him apart from the rest. He has inflicted an element of horror but in an absolute unconventional pattern. The series gives their characters enough time to develop and prosper. Most of the horror stories usually are focused more on the element of horror. The set design, lighting, music, VFX shots are attended to with special care. That is not the case with Midnight Mass. The series has a fluid story to complement the element of horror. This makes the series stand out. 

Midnight Mass centers around Crockett Island. The small island seems to be plagued by some unknown entity. The evil nature of the entity has the residents of the islands in fear. A priest, Father Paul Hill arrives at the scene. He is believed to hold the solution for the happenings on the island. Late Siegel, Zach Gilford, Hamish Linklater are among the casts that stand out. It now remains to be seen how well Midnight Mass performs on Netflix. 

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