Georgia Senate Debate: Kelly Loeffler Dominates Over Rigged Election Claims

Kelly Loeffler
Kelly Loeffler

Raphael Warnock, Democrat, and Kelly Loeffler, Republican in the debate over Georgia Senate criticized each other over the rigged election as claimed baselessly by Trump. Kelly Loeffler didn’t explicitly claim that the election was rigged but hinted that she has lost faith in the democratic election process of America and how it was filled with issues that need to be cleared.

She asked the Georgian voters to vote for her and David Perdue. If one of the Republicans can hold their seats then the Senate majority will be maintained by the GOP. But if two seats are won by the Democrats, then there will be a balance in the upper house.

Joe Biden has managed a win for the Democrats first-time in three decades. Trump has alleged that the voting was rigged and attacked Republican Gov. Kemp and Brad Raffensperger, secretary of state.

Kelly Loeffler Vs Warnock

Most of their comments were regarding attacking each other’s character. Kelly Loeffler termed Warnock as the “radical liberal”.

Warnock while stating his belief in the American system of free enterprise attacked Loeffler over her stock transactions during the pandemic. He talked about how she dumped stocks worth over millions to protect her investments and when it was time to give an additional $600 she termed it as counterproductive.

Georgia Runoffs

On Saturday, as both senators got invited on the stage by Trump, they were cut short by chants of “Fight For Donald” and “Stop Stealing”

Ossoff appeared in the press club on Sunday evening. Perdue got represented by the empty podium. Ossoff blamed Perdue’s arrogance for the current tragic situation of America.

Kelly Loeffler termed Warnock as the anti-police Marxist while Warnock alleged Loeffler of dividing Georgia.

Warnock has overhauled the code of criminal justice and expanded Medicaid and voter registration in Georgia.

Loeffler has worked for the commodities, financial exchange, and Intercontinental Exchange company.