Kelly Loeffler Hosts A Rally Prior To The Runoff

Kelly Loeffler
Kelly Loeffler

Kelly Loeffler, the Senator, had a warm welcome at the Garden City. He was welcomed by Rick Allen, the Congressman from Georgia, along with a crowd of the public. This took place on Wednesday. Kelly Loeffler made her campaign stop at the 2nd City Distilling Company.

 All the while, she tried to make her voters understand that she had to remain in the office. The senator also called herself and her supporters, the firewall that is stopping the spread of socialism in the United States of America.

Kelly Loeffler Or Raphael Warnock?

Kelly Loeffler stated her plans after the upcoming elections. She made it known to the people that working to save the drowning economy of America, would be her single most priority. This would happen only if she granted victory over Raphael Warnock, the Democrat, in the week’s runoff.

The businesswoman and politician hailing from Georgia spoke a lot about the economic condition of the country. She said that the current situation in the country is full of livelihood concerns. The public panicked due to the economic loss followed by the Coronavirus lockdowns. So, following all this, it was the responsibility of her, and all, to restore normalcy in the economic conditions. Kelly Loeffler went on to say that she was adequately equipped to take the necessary measures needed or that. She also added that under her, the Georgians would be granted independence and help to live their desired American dreams.

The early voting turnout has been setting records currently. According to the Board of Elections, almost 46,500 people have voted in Richmond County. The voting has been both done in person and through the internet. The voter turnout of this year went over 30%. this runoff is very significant because it will determine which party will have an upper hand in the US Senate.