Johnny Manziel Is Making His Return In Football With The Fan Controlled Football League

Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel, the American football quarterback stated that he is rejoining his profession. He is doing so with the Fan Controlled Football, which is a startup league. This announcement came from him this week.

The Fan Controlled Football league is scheduled to start playing for the month of February. The 7-on-7 games will be featured by the startup league. Everything will be carried out by the fans. From setting up the roster, calling plays, and also interacting in esports and traditional environment blend.

Johnny Manziel expressed his feelings about joining the league. He claimed that he was very excited to take this step. He said that everything would be fan-oriented. The quarterback player highlighted the fact that this time he would not be under the professional pressure like in his past years.

Johnny Manziel Is Excited About The FCF

The 28-year-old Johnny Manziel met with the Sohrob Farudi, the CEO of the FCF league, through a mutual friend. The mutual friend happens to be Bob Menery, the comedian. The last game that Manziel played was in the year 2019. That was in the Alliance of American Football. He has played for a number of leagues after his release for the Cleveland Browns in the year 2015. Some of those are the Canadian Football League and the Spring League.

According to Johnny Manziel, he only made his return to the football world on his personal terms. He had no such intentions of coming back if it had not been the Fan Controlled Football league. The player had shifted to Scottsdale in Arizona where he was living a laid-back life for the entire year of 2020. He said that he spent his time playing golf and football in his backyard with friends. He was living a normal life there.

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