Nicaragua-Taiwan Relations Have Broken Down

Nicaragua-Taiwan Relations
Nicaragua-Taiwan Relations

The Nicaragua-Taiwan relations have been broken down by the Nicaraguan government, which declared that there was just one China in the world. The announcement from Nicaragua leaves just a few countries that will now have official diplomatic relations with Taiwan- which includes the nations in Central America like Guatemala and Honduras.

Denis Moncada, the Foreign minister of the country, stated that the People’s Republic of China was the only legitimate government that represented the whole of the Chinese mainland, and Taiwan was a part of that territory too. He signed it off by saying that the government of Nicaragua has broken all diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and has stopped any official relationship that existed. 

Nicaragua-Taiwan Relations Break Down; More Countries To Follow

The breakdown of the Nicaragua-Taiwan relations brings out a much bigger problem that is rooted in Taiwanese history. Mainland China and Taiwan have both been governed separately ever since the Chinese civil war broke around 70 years ago. Since then, Taiwan has been a flourishing multi-party democracy, with the mainland’s ruling Chinese Communist Party regarding the island as an inseparable part of the main territory- despite it never controlling it in the first place. 

Another reason why the Nicaragua-Taiwan relations have broken down is that Beijing refuses to entertain any diplomatic relations with any country that would recognize the independence of Taiwan- as it has been spending the last 40 years trying to isolate the island nation by chipping away at its diplomatic allies. 

Unfortunately, the crack in the Nicaragua-Taiwan relations might not end the misfortune that the Taiwanese are going through. Xiomara Castro, the President-elect from Honduras has also floated the idea of breaking all contact with Taipei, which has led President Tsai Ing-Wen to push all their efforts in solidifying the ties.