Ken Langone Back GOP Contender Nikki Haley

Ken Langone

Some of the biggest Wall Street names are putting their money on Republican hopeful Nikki Haley for the presidential elections next year. They believe that the former governor of South Carolina has the best chance of halting Trump as the next GOP candidate. The former president remains way ahead of the field. Ken Langone is the latest to join the group.

Haley has gained the support of Wall Street titans with her plans to cut government benefits and taxes and implement a hands-off approach to business. Her promises have strongly appealed to the finance sector and align smoothly with the traditional conservative approach of backing big business at the expense of the common man.

Billionaire Ken Langone has called Haley’s tactics in the 2024 presidential election ‘smart’ and is putting big money behind her bid. The Home Depot co-founder has said that she was just what the country needed at this moment. He said that Haley has come clean on some issues, and it was vital that America back her kind of leadership which he termed ‘elegant’ and ‘statesman-like.’

Ken Langone Dumped DeSantis After His Abortion Ban

Ken Langone backed Donald Trump in his 2016 White House campaign. His support for Haley comes after another rich donor backed her. The Koch-affiliated AFP Action endorsed her candidature saying Haley has taken on the biggest challenges America faces and can ensure that the nation faces better days ahead.

Ken Langone believes that the other leading GOP candidate Ron DeSantis had little chance as he remained stuck. Speaking of Trump Ken Langone said that his time had gone and said that he had been a disgrace to the nation in recent months. Langone’s relationship with DeSantis soured after the Florida Governor pushed through a ban on abortion in Florida. Ken Langone joins a long list of financiers who have distanced themselves from DeSantis and have lined up behind Haley, who is second in the primary field behind Trump.