Senator Ben Sasse Steps Down Officially As Senator

Ben Sasse

Nebraska Republican Ben Sasse resigned as US Senator over the weekend to take over as the next president of the University of Florida. Sasse leaves Capitol Hill just two years into his second term. This after sealing the deal with the university. The Board of Trustees at the university voted unanimously to appoint him president.

Discussing his political career, he believes that he would perhaps be remembered more for criticizing Trump for his policies and not for the support he gave him during his term in office. Ben Sasse has been a strident critic of Trump’s policies. He was among the handful of Republican politicians who voted against Trump at his impeachment trial for inciting the riots at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

This opposition earned him the ire of the Republican Party in his home state of Nebraska. This is despite his overwhelming support of Trump during his stay in office. Ben Sasse was also instrumental in getting three Supreme Court judges’ confirmed, making it a Republican-majority Supreme Court.

Ben Sasse Says His Legacy Will Be Linked To His Troubled Relationship With The Former President

Ben Sasse knows that people will remember him more for his opposition to Trump for the events on January 6. He said he felt sad for the person and called Trump a troubled soul for being so desperate. But he also praised him for his work at the policy level, especially in his handling of the appointment of judges to the Supreme Court.

Ben Sasse returns to academia with a university job. His subject was American history, which he studied first at Harvard and Yale, and then at Oxford. Before his Senate job, he had been at a smaller university at Fremont in Nebraska. The former Senator said he was excited about his job at the university and hoped that he would bring about much change there.