Kerry Kennedy Takes Up Business Responsibilities Across ABC & Walt Disney Television Unscripted

Kerry Kennedy
Kerry Kennedy

Kerry Kennedy was earlier responsible for heading the business affairs for the renowned network and held the position of SVP. She has been promoted to the position of EVP, with responsibilities to oversee business affairs of ABC Entertainment along with Walt Disney Unscripted. 

Kerry Kennedy would now be leading Business Affairs for unscripted, scripted, syndicated series, daytime, late-night for both ABC along with Walt Disney Television Alternative.

Kerry Kennedy would have the responsibilities of making deals and negotiations for production and developments of pilots, specials, and series in all the parts, and would presently oversee strategies for new deals, and the structures for the WDTA and ABC properties.

Kerry Kennedy became a part of the ABC back in 2002. She joined as the program attorney thereafter rising along with the ranks in the department. She became the vice president in BA of ABC Entertainment as soon as 2006. She received the promotion of becoming the managing VP in 2009 and the position of Senior Vice President in 2011. Kennedy became the head of BA in 2017.

Kerry Kennedy And Her Reputation In The Industry

According to Craig Erwich, who happens to be the President of ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals, Kerry Kennedy has a brilliant mind for business and comes up with innovative and inventive strategies, and maintains strong relationships that prove to be invaluable to the success of the company. The company has complete confidence in the abilities of Kerry Kennedy to drive the company forward and contribute towards the growth of the firm in a global context. Kennedy feels highly honored by her rapid growth within the organization and extends her gratitude to Craig Erwich and Dana Walden for their immense support. She also acknowledged the efforts undertaken by her team without whom, none of this would have been possible.