Dennis Schroder Comes Aboard Boston Celtics On A $5.9 Million Deal For A Year

dennis schroder
dennis schroder

Dennis Schroder, a point guard, presently a free agent, is set to join the Celtics. It is a one-year deal and the amount set for the deal is $5.9 mill. 

Dennis Schroder turns 28 this September and was the significant player to remain a free agent, unrestricted in the transfer market. Schroder rejected a handsome offer of extension from the end of the L.A. Lakers while the previous season was still running. The amount was a little over $80 million, but Dennis Schroder had plans of pursuing a larger deal.

Dennis Schroder took to Instagram to reveal his signing with the Celtics and expressed his pride in becoming a part of the team for the upcoming season. He proudly mentioned Celtics being among the best teams to participate in the NBA and it would be an honor to represent the team. He promised to give it his all every time he stepped into the court. Schroder had become a part of the Lakers by a trade-off with Thunders during the NBA draft of the previous year, exchanging Danny Green and the first-round choice of the previous year.

Dennis Schroder In His Games So Far

Dennis Schroder managed to average out at 15.4 points in 61 games and assists of 5.8, all of it on behalf of the Lakers. However, he was into controversy for missing 11 days before joining the season, post entering the safety and health protocols of the NBA. Dennis Schroder, on returning, stated that he was the only person in the squad to have not been vaccinated. 

However, he did manage to score 14.3 points on average and have had a shot of just 40% from within the field while having a 30.3% from the point line during the win of the Phoneix Suns over the Lakers. The attempt to sign Schroder is to strengthen the squad and have him have a chance at better gameplay.