Bruce Springsteen Dropped Of Driving Under The Influence Charges

Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen

On Wednesday, against a virtual court, Bruce Springsteen, the country legend, pleaded guilty to drinking charges. He said they did have about 2 tequila shots in the park, even when he knew it was prohibited in the Sandy Hook National Recreation Area. He had his online appearance against a Federal Court in New Jersey. The alcoholic drink prohibition is about two years old, that took place in Sandy Hook park was noted by the Judge. They also took into account that the singer has had a clean record in criminal activities. 

Anthony Mautone, the Judge, still sentenced Springsteen to a fine of 500 dollars. He also condemned a court fee of 40 dollars. A handful of the country star’s songs have mentioned driving “suicide machines” maintaining the “carburetor.” The judge still noticed that the legend has had a clean driving record as well and spoke about it. Bruce Springsteen was arrested back at the Gateway National Recreation Area in November. He was charged with consuming alcohol, driving “recklessly,” and DWI. 

What Judge Said About Bruce Springsteen’s Record

Judge Mautone said of Bruce Springsteen that it was “rare” to see such a driver’s abstract. He said that he had against him a brilliant track of driving of the “defendant.” The abstracts dated back to 1973 and only had three violations throughout. He also added that about two of these violations weren’t even correct. But he said the third one too was only if using a cellphone while driving the vehicle. 

He said that “rarely” an abstract is as devoid of entries as Springsteen’s was. Adam Baker, Assistant United States Attorney, also noted that reviews showed how the breath tests were not up to the mark. The BAC reading was just 0.2 when the actual limit is 0.8.