Kevin Durant Got Anxious About Moving On From Net Drama, Rumors Were Inaccurate

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant claimed that “a lot of s-t” in the media coverage of his summer contract extension was incorrect. But before changing his mind, he acknowledges that he was dissatisfied and had concerns about the path the Nets were taking.

The Brooklyn superstar withdrew his demand that mentor Steve Nash and technical director Sean Marks be sacked or moved. He has gotten used to preseason training and also is making an attempt to put the entire drama he created behind him. That could need a moment.

Kevin Durant on Friday asked the media to move past the news and rumors already. He said that he knows that it is a tasty topic to spend time on for the media. However, he thinks that every juicy topic should be left behind at some point. He said that most of the offseason drama helps the media but Durant according to him never missed the games or practices. So he hopes that now is about time that the media move past the things too.

Kevin Durant Asks The Media To Move Past Gossips About His Offseason:

Despite their Nets’ best attempts, the story on Kevin Durant won’t go away real soon. Throughout camp thus far, they have repeatedly alluded to each other as a clan; whether this is planned is up for debate, and Kevin Durant followed suit.

On August 22 in L.a., Durant met with Nets president Joe Tsai, Nash, and Marks to discuss the situation. And then when questioned what had been said to allay his concerns, Durant responded that although the meeting was brief, the conversation that convinced him wasn’t.

Some have been taken aback by Durant’s continued presence in a game where players who demand moves nearly always succeed in getting them. So why would Durant compromise, besides the four-year, $192 mn agreement that begins this season? Because of the same reasons he first signed the contract.

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