Katherine Schwarzenegger Flaunts Her Baby

Katherine Schwarzenegger
Katherine Schwarzenegger

Katherine Schwarzenegger is a happy person at the moment. She is a famous author and is also the eldest daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is currently enjoying the best time of her life. 

Katherine is happily married to the Hollywood actor Chris Pratt. Currently, Katherine is expecting her second child with Chris. The star seemed very much excited about her pregnancy. The author stated that it was a heavenly feeling to become a mother. 

So much so, that Katherine decided to flaunt her first baby on social media. Katherine posted several pictures of their daughter, Lyla. The photos were posted from the official Instagram handle of the author. 

She stated that the pictures of Lyla were captured at a family walk. Katherine Schwarzenegger said that she did not miss out on clicking her near and dear ones during the outing. The pictures had her daughter along with Chris Pratt and her mother, Maria Shriver. 

Lyla was spotted in an adorable infant one piece in the picture. Her attire also had bear ears that made Lyla look cuter. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Katherine Schwarzenegger Posts Adorable Picture Of Her Daughter

Katherine Schwarzenegger gave a cute caption to her Instagram post. She wrote that her baby daughter was enjoying some fresh air out in the open. 

She lovingly referred to her daughter as a “little cozy bear”. Little Lyla completed her look wearing pink sneakers with sparkles on them. 

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Prat gave birth to Lyla in August. Katherine seems overwhelmed with the experience. She stated that it was a marvelous journey. 

The author stated that motherhood is something that she will relish for the rest of her life. Katherine expressed her excitement as she would be going through the whole process once again.