Kevin Durant Retorted Back At His Dissapointed Fans

Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, the player of the Brooklyn Nets, is busy dealing with the shots from the fans rather than scoring in the match. The team Brooklyn Nets was sent out of the tournament after they lost the match with Boston Celtics this Monday. Thus, all the players of Brooklyn along with Kevin received huge criticisms for their disappointing performances all over from TNT to all the social media platforms. 

Kevin Durant Got Involved In A Social Media Fight With Charles Barkley

However, Kevin Durant is responding to those criticisms and is retorting back with a tone of sarcasm. Durant also replied to Barkley’s insult where he questioned his legitimacy of winning any championship and then joining a team that has already won a title without him. 

The words of Barkley, though he did not want to insult Kevin Durant, stated that he should not just talk about winning, but rather act to achieve the goal. However, to this, Kevin replied that when someone is driving the bus, he has a lot of tension which he has to deal with, and whatever the results of the game would get, the driver has to bear it. 

For two consecutive years, 2017 and 2018, Durant was declared the MVP of the Finals after the Warriors achieved victory in the Championship. Kevin also posted some pictures of Barkley this Tuesday who though received a Hall of Fame, never led his team to get a championship. In the pictures, Barkley was posing with Scottie Pippen and Hakeem Olajuwon and in another with his teammates of Philadelphia 76ers Maurice Cheeks and Julius Erving. 

The joke about the bus became famous as later on a scene from the movie ‘the Office’ was posted with Barkley’s face as the driver of the team the Nets. They joked that the name of the bus was ‘Chuck Wagon’ and after that, no response was received from Durant.