Elon Musk’s Purchase Of Twitter For $44B Destabilizes The Left

elon musk
elon musk

A higher wealth tax is required. This is the privilege of a straight white male. This is White Power in action. Apartheid is coming back. This has been the basis of the leftist collapse since Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, decided to buy Twitter for $44 billion.

The 43.6 million Twitter users have had an emotional week. Elon Musk buying Twitter has been compared to Donald Trump securing the US election in 2016 by individuals who are heavily committed to the day-to-day ideological negative campaigning on the microblogging platform, either participating in it or merely spectating. While the right applauds, the left is having an uncontrollable meltdown.

It all stems from their notion of free expression, which Elon Musk has promised to restore on the platform two months before the United States mid-term elections. Soon after the agreement was announced, it was revealed that the Biden administration intended to establish a “Disinformation Governance Board,” which many compared to Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth.” Musk has a brutal sense of timing.

Elon Musk Purchased Twitter For $44 Billion

Twitter has been accused of arbitrarily suspending conservative speakers and shadow-banning them. It was the first to de-platform Donald Trump, the US President at the time, in January 2020. Twitter blocked a new report concerning Hunter Biden and the “laptop from hell” in October 2020, creating ethical issues regarding Joe Biden’s time as Vice President soon before the election. For days, the New York Post sat silent, and the reference to their Hunter Biden piece on Twitter was banned. Even if users wanted to, they couldn’t link the story to their tweets.

After receiving harsh criticism, Twitter reversed course on this overbearing move. After the agreement with Elon Musk, who has been a critic of the same judgments, the top lawyer behind these regulations, Vijaya Gadde, allegedly cried in a team meeting with heartbroken Twitter employees. The fact that nearly all Twitter employees support Democratic candidates demonstrates how little diversity of thought exists within the corporation, and the consequences are visible and in line with the larger leftist political agendas operating in the West, although not exclusively.