Anthony Fauci Is Sure That The Pandemic Phase Is Over In America

Anthony Fauci
Anthony Fauci

There has been news that after three long years, the U.S. might have a chance to move past the Covid-19 pandemic and this has been said by an expert on infectious disease. Anthony Fauci is the Government’s mouthpiece regarding the response to Covid-19 across the two administrations of the President. As per the opinion of Anthony Fauci, America is not in the pandemic stage, however, globally it is not over. 

Anthony Fauci Suggested That People Should Still Follow All Protocols

Anthony Fauci gave this positive statement while talking to Judy Woodruff who asked about the status of the pandemic in America. Though initially, he said that this is a question that has no definitive answer, later on, he stated that the death rate and the contamination per day have gone down by tremendous proportion. Thus, it can be said in a way that the dangerous phase of Covid-19 has finally come to an end. 

Dr. Fauci, the chief medical advisor of Joe Biden further stated that the country can never eradicate the Covid-19 virus totally and hence the Federal Government must continue to help the people to get vaccinated regularly with booster doses. As per his suggestion, the booster dose must be taken once a year to keep the infection away from them. 

The spread of infection in the country has declined a lot and a majority of the people got vaccinated, their health is not affected much even if they are getting contaminated with the virus. Some patients are treating themselves at home just by taking prescribed medicines and vitamins. 

The hospitals are not swarming with patients, and there is very less chaos in the country regarding Covid-19. However, initiatives are still being taken to vaccinate all the people living in the country. There have been numerous programs authorized by the Government to help the people tackle the difficulties that arose with this pandemic.