Kevin Kiley, Newsom’s Toughest Critic, Also In Recall Election

kevin kiley
kevin kiley

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s strongest opponent in the Legislature of California has announced his intention to contest for governor. Kevin Kiley, the Republican Lawmaker, is looking to take full advantage of the recall election scheduled for 14th September. The election will be held through open ballots.

Kevin Kiley Will Be The Strongest Fight For Newsom

Kevin Kiley has recently toured California with his book that was recently published. In the book’s title, he called Newsom the infamous governor of America. Since the morning of Tuesday, when he had made his announcement, $100,000 has already been raised.

Kevin Kiley later told The Washington Examiner that he does not receive money from personal or special interests. Rather he prefers to rely on the citizens. He said that the campaign fund was mostly made of small donations which had come in on the day.

The severe restrictions for the COVID-19 pandemic had made over 2 million voters of California agree to recall the governor from the Democratic party. A petition was signed by all of them, which prompted the recall election.

Kevin Kiley used to be a teacher in high school as well as a graduate from the Law School in Yale. He had won his first elections in 2016 as a representative of a part of Placer Country. The place was the center of the Gold Rush of California. He had heavily criticized Sacramento, saying that special interests controlled the place. He also called it one of the most undesirable places for living in the nation.

Kevin Kiley had asked that even though Placer Country sacrifices the most, they get the least as a return. He pointed out that the place has the worst homelessness, poverty, and roads. He said that it was all due to political corruption.