Latest Nintendo Switch Will Arrive On 8th October, Costs $350

nintendo switch
nintendo switch

Four years ago, the Nintendo Switch was released to the world. Now, Nintendo has announced the release of an upgraded model of the extremely popular console. Rumors had been circulating for years before the recent confirmation by the company. The new Nintendo Switch display will be OLED.

All That We Know Of The New Nintendo Switch

The price tag of the new Nintendo Switch will be $349.99 and will be available from 8th October. As per expectations, the new model will have a bigger screen measuring seven inches. Nintendo has also claimed the OLED 720p display will be more vivid as well. The older Switch has a LED screen that measures 6.2 inches. The bezels on the console have been significantly reduced. It can store up to 64GB. A wired port for LAN will be present on the dock.

Nintendo has also promised better audio. The latest Nintendo Switch will work will any currently available Joy-Con controllers. For now, the latest Nintendo Switch will be available in original blue/neon red, and black/white. The docks will be colored black and white respectively.

The new Nintendo Switch has advertised a hugely improved kickstand. It spans across the console’s entire back width. The stand can be set to any angle. More importantly, it appears much stronger than the fragile, tiny stand in the older Switch.

However, contrary to popular reports, 4k output will not be present even while being docked. You can still play a maximum 1080p resolution on the TV only. The internal components are not getting any upgrades wither. There were rumors of the new Switch having a newer chipset, which has been proved to be untrue.

The older Switch is still a very profitable product, so financially Nintendo had no need for the product. But keeping with the design of the times made it quite suitable.

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