Kevin McCarthy Gave A Statement Following The Capitol Protest

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Leader of the House condemned the Capitol activities of the supporters of President Donald Trump. His reaction comes following the violent protests made by the pro-Trump citizens that took place on Wednesday. They broke into the Capitol building of the United States of America in order to interrupt the formal act of Electoral College vote counting by the Congress. All this originates from the defiance of President Trump with regard to the 2020 Presidential elections.

Kevin McCarthy termed the incident to be an “un-American” one. he stated that whatever happened, was really disappointing. He also mentioned to Bill Hemmer, the host, that he was safely taken to a safe location by the Capitol Police of the US.

Kevin McCarthy On Violent Defiance

Prior to the Congress joint session got underway, Mike Pence, the vice president, gave a statement concerning the blocking of the electoral votes. Pence is also the Senate presiding officer. He made the declaration that he does not have the belief of rejecting or accepting the electoral votes on his own. This comes from the fact that President Donald Trump had stressed upon him, the need for overturning the election results by blocking the win of president-elect Joe Biden.

The House Minority Leader further added that disagreeing is acceptable but elevating it to this level of violence, is not. He mentioned that he heard from the police that shots were fired when the incident was taking place.

Kevin McCarthy went on to thank the Capitol Police for their contribution. He mentioned that protesting is accepted, having opinion differences is also accepted. However, what is not accepted is having to use shots, and people getting hurt in the protests.