Ted Cruz Accused By The Democrats For The Infamous Capitol Riots


It is not an unknown fact that the insurrection that took place this Wednesday at the Capitol was highly inspired by Donald Trump, the President of America. Following his still ongoing attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential elections, the fact can be easily established. However, President Trump is not the only one who is being blamed for the violence. The members of the Democratic party have brought down another person too in the list. The one next to President Trump is, Ted Cruz, the Senator.

Ted Cruz Dragged For Supporting Trump

According to the Democrats, he is also equally responsible for the lawlessness that was caused. Ted Cruz is blamed on grounds that he fully promoted the lies and baseless claims of President Trump with regard to the 2020 election fraud. The Senator did not hold himself back in supporting Trump’s theory of election fraud that gave way to the sedition.

It is to be noted, though that Ted Cruz has never quoted any statements of President Trump concerning his claims. There has never been a case where the Senator himself repeated any statement that had earlier been given by President Trump. however, this is by no means suggest that he abided by the results of the 2020 presidential elections. Ted Cruz ardently advocated the blocking of Congress from affirming the Electoral College victory of President-elect Joe Biden that was scheduled on Wednesday. Cruz was one of the Senators who put forth the demand for a delay of 10 days with regard to Biden’s affirming ceremony.

Ted Cruz released his statement on the violence at the Capitol. He condemned for whatever happened there. He said it was an assault on the democracy of the United States of America. He called it an “act of terrorism”.