Mare of Easttown Is Much More Than The Suspense

mare of easttown
mare of easttown

Mare of Easttown, the American crime drama that aired on the television channel, HBO, has finally come to an end. It stars the English actress, Kate Winslet, who plays the role of a detective. It is directed by Craig Zobel, the director of the 2012 film, Compliance. The suspense came to an end revealing the murderer but surprisingly, that is not the end. There are more themes to explore like redemption, forgiveness, and moving on from an extremely unfortunate situation. 

Mare of Easttown And The Idea Of Forgiveness 

The final episode of the HBO show was almost a huge let-down to the people. This was the case especially at the end of the fifth episode. However, the rest that flowed, the episode from Sunday to be precise, proved the point that there is more to the “Mare of Easttown.” In the beginning, the show revealed the issue that was going on in the life of the Mare of Kate Winslet. She is someone who is occupied by the fear of the custody of her grandson, battling the horrible feeling arising out of the remarriage of her ex-husband, and is busy raising the son of her husband. 

As the show proceeds, the Mare stumbles upon two people she starts developing feelings for. They include Angourie Rice, her daughter, and her struggling daughter-in-law. As for the murder mystery resolution in the “Mare of Easttown,” a friend of Mare, Lori who is played by Julianne Nicholson, is someone who is battling a moral dilemma.

She had been asked to look after the child of John, her own husband, and some other woman. John was the one who came out as the murder when he was not. It was actually his son who did it. And he did it because he was tired of the family drama caused by Erin, the mistress of John. Irrespective of everything, the real message that “Mare of Easttown” carried was to move on despite everything.