Kevin McCarthy’s Plan May Seem Dubious To Some

Kevin McCarthy

The house speaker Kevin McCarthy apparently gave the most controversial and suspicious footage to Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Since Tucker Carlson was the one who spread the news over the media. The Republicans’ heavy on the house makes it difficult for the democrats to work or do anything freely. And his recent move is totally unusual which made most of the congressmen worried.

Is Kevin McCarthy Brought The Trouble To Himself?

The Republican party specifically has been trying back and forth to revive the lost footage of the capitol attack, but Kevin McCarthy probably ruined the plan for now. By handing the footage to Tucker Carlson, he must have ruptured faith among themselves. It was the republican party including Kevin McCarthy who worked hard to file a case against former president Donald Trump.

Most of the GOP leaders expected to study the footage by themselves and then review it with the department of justice. Even before getting that footage into their own hands, McCarthy handed it over to the right-wing media. If the GOP doesn’t trust the right-wing media, there is a huge risk Kevin McCarthy has put himself and his party. 

The fox news host probably would review it first and what GOP leaders are fearing that he would probably leak the most sensitive information to the world. And the republican would have a lack of proof of their allegations against the former president.

Whereas, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, believes there is no reason for this footage to stay secret. However, Kevin McCarthy have taken the decision all by himself and didn’t consult anyone from the house. Even other Republican members aren’t even aware of this. The January 6 committee is awestruck by Kevin McCarthy’s move, they were keeping the footage private for security purposes.