Kaley Cuoco’s Contemplation Revealed While Dating Johnny Galecki

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco had no remorse about falling in love with Johnny Galecki at first glimpse. From 2007 to 2019, Cuoco, aged 36, and Johnny Galecki, aged 47, played Penny and Leonard on the popular CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory. Their on-screen chemistry continued to shine through when they dated in reality back in 2008 until 2010. In a clip from an imminent oral episode of the series, the ex-couple discussed how their relationship began, with Cuoco admitting she’s had a huge crush on Galecki earlier on.

In a Vanity Fair extract from TBBT, Cuoco said she was absolutely not even masking it. She goes on to say he has tremendous conviction. Back then, both of them were dating different people, but she had her heart set on Johnny. Later, when she discovered that he had feelings for Cuoco as well, she thought this was going to certainly be difficult.

Kaley Cuoco Puts Forth Her Skeptical Thoughts On Johnny

Galecki was first unaware of Kaley Cuoco’s affections for him, though. Before Galecki started dating Kaley, he had no concept of having a crush of any kind, he claimed. Yet as per Cuoco, even before the duo declared their connection public offset, there wasn’t any doubting the chemistry between their characters. It was clear there had always been something in every scenario up until they finally united in reality. They had chemistry and were smitten with one another. Up until they started dating seriously, it was the first season.

Regarding the Halloween party costume and Leonard’s first kiss with Penny, which also happened to be the actress’ first kiss, she said she did know he believed she was lovely because he had said earlier how adorable she appeared in that costume. However, she was undoubtedly apprehensive before the kiss. Before they started dating, Kaley Cuoco was kissing Johnny while he was playing Penny, and it was odd to develop a thing on her costar while doing so.