How Kurt Cobain Became The Grunge Icon

kurt cobain
kurt cobain

Kurt Cobain was a name impossible to escape back then. The frontman of the grunge/rock group, Nirvana, became a global household name. His and the band’s popularity rose wider than ever. And America seemed smitten by his voice, his fashion, and eventually, he was the face of Generation X. His fans saw him as if an embodiment of the rock genre. In a very short time, he became the most sought-after and followed and admired musician in the world. The mysterious aura he had made him even more popular. 

In fashion, Grunge was created as opposed to the clothes that the Nirvana band wore. Especially Kurt Cobain. Their everyday outfits became their signature fashion statements. Every look the singer wore was recreated. Especially his magazine cover that has him wearing his signature sunglasses and a baggy sweater. The sunglasses are Christian Roth and still gain attention. Cobain’s other interests, like silk shorts, painted nails, layered flannels, among other things, became catwalk-favorite elements. 

Kurt Cobain’s Legacy In Fashion

Kurt Cobain was one of the most fearless singers out there. He simply wore dresses or gowns on stage while performing. These also include leopard jackets or even gowns with flowers on them. He did this to represent his unlimitedness with gender norms. Hence, it also helped pave the way for artists like Harry Styles, who often graces magazine covers in gowns and nail paints. It was Cobain who inspired the youth to embrace fluidity in sexuality. He helped several people blur the lines of sexual identity with stylistic freedom. 

Following Nirvana’s breakthrough, since the 90s, several fashion designers have begun putting in elements of Grunge in their works. Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell made statements on the catwalk in signature Kurt Cobain-inspired outfits. The Grunge-legend’s fashion choices have inspired Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Saint Laurent, among others.