Kim Kardashian With Brother Rob At 2010 New Year Party: Siblings Look Unrecognizable In Throwback Picture

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Fans have dug up a photo of Kim Kardashian and her brother Rob celebrating a New Year Eve’s party in 2010 in Los Angeles. Even as people geared up to celebrate 2022, the pictures brought back memories for some. Kim Kardashian and her brother look completely different in the pictures.

Fans from the dedicated Kim Kardashian fans club dug up the pictures as Kim, 41 and Rob, 34 shared the countdown to midnight 11 years ago. The siblings were partying at the TAO nightclub in Las Vegas. 

The club at the Venetian Las Vegas was the venue for Kim Kardashian as she hosted a New Year Eve blast garbed in a silver mini-dress.

Brother Rob is also seen partying at the same venue dressed in a white shirt and black tie. In other photos Rob is shown dressed more casually as he parties wearing a cap, a simple and elegant t-shirt, and rounded off with a short-sleeved shirt with patterns and matching shorts.

Kim Kardashian’s brother has become reclusive recently and is not seen. In the picture he is seen smiling widely and seems in good spirits.

Kim Kardashian Has A Different Look In The 2010 Pics

Kim looks much younger and quite different. She is not as well groomed despite being at her peak form with all the glitz and glamour.

Fans noticed that Kim Kardashian’s lips were much thinner than her plump pout at present. Her eyebrows are much lighter and much more trimmed.

Expert cosmetic surgeons who have studied photos of her a decade apart suggest that the phenomenon has added filler to the lips fillers to her lips that give her the pout. 

The expert suggested that Kim has gone for fillers through non-surgical means that have given her a fuller upper lip. She has retained her natural line and also the cupid’s bow for subtle and effective results.