Kylie Jenner Thrilled With Her And Travis Scott’s Pregnancy Again!

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is reportedly thrilled with her and Travis Scott’s pregnancy, According to a source, Kylie Jenner is some months pregnant and carries around an adorable cute bump. Jenner is very excited to have a baby again. According to the news on Friday, Kylie is pregnant with the second child of Travis Scott. This is according to several reports submitted by People, TMZ, and Page Six. No confirmation has yet been received from Kylie Jenner regarding her pregnancy. 

Kylie Jenner Loves Being A Mother!

When she was pregnant with Stormi Webster, her daughter of three years, she refused to confirm the news publicly. She only confirmed that news after giving birth to her daughter in 2018 February. Thankfully, a few KarJenner insiders managed to share some intel regarding her second pregnancy. If the report of TMZ stands accurate, then Kylie Jenner is in the early stages of her pregnancy.

She might be three months pregnant. But again, Jenner was very private regarding her first pregnancy. So, she might have another child tomorrow, which should not come as a surprise to the world. The source also added how Kylie was already looking to give her daughter of three years, Stormy a cute sibling. This might be it. 

Jenner loves enjoying this period in complete privacy, away from the eyes of the camera. She loves to be a mother and she seems excited and thrilled that Travis and she are pregnant again. In October, Jenner was excited to expand her family. In her YouTube video which also featured James Charles, Kylie Jenner said that she wants more children. But she denied that she had any plans of getting pregnant. 

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