Buffalo Bills Vs The Chicago Bears: Match Highlights And Observations!

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills

The match between the Buffalo Bills and the Bears turned out to be an absolute delight for everyone watching the game. The fans of Buffalo Bills seemed to be amazed by the performance of the understudy of Josh Allen. 

Mitch Trubisky Helped Buffalo Bills Defeat The Chicago Bears!

Mitch Trubisky while struggling to find himself another team always wanted to settle in the club that adored him and wanted him. On Saturday, his performance was amazing against his previous team. Trubisky managed to pick the defense of the Chicago Bears apart.

In the 1st half of the match between the Buffalo Bills and the Chicago Bears, he managed to complete a total of 20 passes out of his 28 attempted passes. His accuracy stood at a whopping 71.4 percent for a total of 221 yards. He also managed to score one touchdown pass against his previous team. He was also responsible for leading a total of seven drives in the 1st half. He managed to finish his first four drives with touchdowns, which has turned out to be an amazing performance. 

On fifth, the Buffalo Bills ended on a punt. After that, the Buffalo Bills ended the 1st half with a scoreline of 34-6. Trubisky managed to slice through the secondary and the linebackers. Inside the passing range, he managed to finish a lot of passes. He had a whooping completion to a total of ten different receivers.

At the end of the game, his passer rating stood at 106.4. The performance of Trubisky for the Buffalo Bills has been hailed as one of his best because he has managed to shake the defense of the Chicago Bears without their three most deadly offensive weapons. Emmanuel Sanders, Cole Beasly, and Stefon Diggs missed out the game against the Chicago Bears.