Wonder Woman 1984 Has A More Hopeful And Playful Tune

wonder woman
wonder woman

Gal returns as Princess Diana in a funny, brightly-colored, and sweet-natured adventure, wrote Nicholas Barber. There was this time when one could follow any Hollywood blockbuster without memorizing all the sequels, prequels, and family trees of characters. You could watch it as the child or the adult without getting traumatized or patronized respectively. These family-friendly movies were made in the 1980s. That is the reason why the movie Wonder Woman 1984 possesses ingeniousness.

The movie’s timeline is in the 1980s and that is why it has all the perms, shoulder pads, the paranoia of the Cold War, and pop songs containing synth-heavy tunes. The movie is a brightly colored, sweet-natured, and funny standalone adventure. Wonder Woman 1984 packs you with warm feelings that will make you wonder.

More About Wonder Woman 1984

Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman 1984, he made the first movie back in 2017, but this one has a more hopeful and playful tone. To understand the movie, you don’t need to watch the previous film by Jenkins or watch Wonder Woman’s appearance on Superman V Batman. All the knowledge you need is that Gal Gadot(Wonder Woman) is an Amazonian Princess and her boyfriend, Chris Pine(Steve Trevor) died fighting World War I.

After several decades, she has failed to move on and is still yearning for Pine. However, in Washington D.C., she has her packed double life. The movie is extremely positive and even the ones who are the villains appear as sympathetic.WW84 plays for around 151 minutes but one won’t get bored in the middle of it. The prologue is about Diana being a girl inside her all-female city who competes in this tournament which has a lengthy segment that has no link with the remaining story.

Jenkins wanted to add another fifteen minutes to the movie. In its uncynical, old-fashioned way, this movie is among the most lovable and enjoyable blockbusters to get launched since 1984.