Lamar Jackson And The Baltimore Ravens Are In An Awkward Start Of 2023

Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens is now entering a wild-card week where they will compete against the Cincinati Bengals and they have to maneuvour with caution. Lamar Jackson, their quarterback option is now injured and will probably not face Cincinati in their matchup. However, the coaches and the players are hopeful that the player will soon announce his return before the playoffs.

In about four to six weeks, Lamar Jackson could return to the field. However, the team could do with a little help from Lamar Jackson as they are facing Cincinati Bengals in 18th week.

Some people of the club have been worried watching Jackson not training for the whole week. In the previous weeks, Lamar attended the QB meetings with the team despite not playing. He even travelled away with the team to face Pittsburgh just the next week after getting injured against Denver. However, Lamar Jackson did not train with the team that week.

Lamar Jackson And Baltimore Ravens Are In An Awkward Year:

Players came to the field for their first session of practice in postseason and Lamar Jackson was still absent in the field. This was back in January. Lamar said that he was ill and thus tension started to grow. Squad members who talked with Jackson got no indication of him joining the team.

Then much late in the day, Lamar Jackson tweeted new information about his injury. The player shared that the injury is a 2nd grad PCL and he probably will not play in the game.

A close source of the team has an impression that Jackson might manage to play without risking more damage to his leg. However, after the tweet he said that one must respect the players pov for his own injury.