James Harden Is Helping 2023 Michigan Shooting Survival Heal

James Harden

The 76ers player James Harden recently came to know the news of John Hao, a Michigan state shooting survivor student and he is trying to heal him. The student of Michigan state university is a fan of the hall of famer point guard. Hao, the student have been paralyzed when he got caught up in the tragic firing in the campus. James Harden decided that he needed to do something about it, and thus he is now trying to help the student heal.

James Harden, the famous point guard said that there are some things that happen around us where we could not do anything about it rather than just watching it. These things are bigger than NBA or basketball. After his team won against the Memphis Grizzlies, he said that he heard about the incident where one of his fans got caught up in such an accident. Therefore, he was eager to meet the fan as soon as possible. He said that he will try to do anything he can to help the fan.

James Harden Trying To Help His Fan:

James Harden said that when his team came to know about the student and his current situation, some of them went to the hospital to see him. James Harden sent his signed sneakers along with a game-worn pair. He also donated to the GoFundMe for Hao and called the students to talk with him.

Harden on the call said that he loves the smile of the student and said that he is with him. James said that Hao needs to keep pushing now and should stay positive at all times. He said that he will be sending his team to be with him and to keep him entertained while he recovers from the problem.