Robin Williams Was ‘Very Uncomfortable’ Due To Misdiagnosis Says His Son Zak

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

Robin Williams was undoubtedly one of the greatest actors of all time. Zak Williams, his son, gave surprising new facts about Robin on Wednesday, which otherwise would have marked his 70th birthday. Zak got frank and open about his father’s untimely demise and the consequence of his misdiagnosis. He also spoke about the manner of dealing with the damage after the veteran actor passed away committing suicide in the month of August 2014. 

William’s son, Zak, who happens to be an advocate for mental health, sat for the podcast The Genius Life along with the host, Max Lugavere. The theme of the particular podcast episode was based on the discomfort and frustration faced by Robin Williams prior to his death.

The episode hit the screens on Wednesday, which was supposed to be the 70th birthday of the late comedian. Zak revealed that the only thing he could see was the frustration that was faced by his father due to the misdiagnosis. 

Robin Williams Was Frustrated. Why?

Robin Williams was misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s while the actual illness was Lewy body dementia. This disease is the second-most commonly occurred instance of progressive dementia, the first is Alzheimer’s. 

Zak revealed that Williams’s experiences were significantly different from that of other patients suffering from Parkinson’s. This took a toll on the mental health of the actor.

That apart, Zak also has a strong opinion that the medicines taken by Williams did not do him much benefit, the reason being the misdiagnosis. The drugs are said to be extremely hard on the body and the mind. The disease that afflicted Robin Williams, Lewy body dementia, happens to be a kind of a disease of the brain. It affects the thinking power of a person along with their control of movement and memory. This eventually resulted in the creation of problems relating to the art form practiced by Williams.

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