Novak Djokovic Politically Responded On Kosovo After Winning French Open

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

Serbian professional tennis player, Novak Djokovic won the first round of the French Open against tennis player Aleksander Kovacevic of America on May 29. After his victory, Djokovic addressed the ongoing violent skirmishes in Kosovo as he wrote on a camera lens in Serbian that, Kosovo is Serbia’s heart, and the violence must cease, as he also drew a heart sign as well. 

Kosovo had previously declared its sovereignty in 2008, against Serbian occupation. Lately violence has occurred in Kosovo when in northern Kosovo which is a Serb-majority area, where offices were taken by mayors who are primarily Albanians by ethnicity. This has fueled much violence in the region. NATO has engaged a peacekeeping force to bring down violence in Kosovo, however, this has left 34 NATO soldiers injured.

Novak Djokovic magnified his stances regarding the violence in Kosovo as he spoke in Serbian in a press event, where he said that this is the very least that he could have done, as he feels responsible to comment on the matter being a notable personality. He further stated that his father, who was born in Kosovo, connects him to Kosovo feeling the need of extending his support to his people and Serbia. He seeks unity and the demonstration of support to calm the situation. 

Novak Djokovic Gets Slammed For Political Comments

Vice President of the Kosovo Tennis Federation, Jeton Hadergjona has slammed Novak Djokovic on his political comments on Kosovo, he stated that Novak has been commenting and provoking the issues regarding Kosovo. Hadergjona has demanded punishment for Novak for his comments. While some netizens too slammed Djokovic as Kosovo’s independence is recognized by certain countries and Serbia has wrongfully propagated violence in the region.