Lamar Jackson Trade: Ranking The NFL Teams And A Lot More

Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson is now tagged with a nonexclusive tag by the Baltimore Ravens since last Tuesday, and thus the team is ready for some serious business. After struggling to get on terms with the contract extension matter with the star QB, the Ravens decided against keeping Lamar Jackson in the squad.

Teams that are going to choose Lamar Jackson can sign him in a offer sheet. Baltimore Ravens will then be bound to complete the deal in the next five days. If Baltimore declines the deal, the team that wants to sign Lamar will have to give the Ravens two of their first-round picks in the draft for two consecutive seasons.

These first-round picks is the basic of the deal. However, this is only one of the many processes teams can use to sign the player. If the parent club is ready to come to more creative and compensating solutions, Lamar Jackson will sign his franchise tag and can join the new team for the deals that Baltimore can negotiate.

Lamar Jackson And Raven FairyTale Is Falling Apart:

This has already happened previously in NFL. Frank Clark was tagged by the Seahawks in 2019 season in the similar manner and finally he went to Kansas City for a first and second round picks as well as a third-round swap. When a team usually tag players and trade, they often get the first-round picks. However, chances are better for the Baltimore Ravens. Teams like the Texans might not gift them these trades, but they can help Ravens with their 2nd picks if they want the player that badly. As per the reports from the insiders, Baltimore is planning to match any offer that Lamar Jackson signs so it is probably the best for both the parties involved.