Tom Brady Announced His New Cat Taking Time But Not An NFL Comeback

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

While replying to the possibility of a comeback by him, Tom Brady said that he is busy in his new role becoming a cat-dad. Tom Brady the 7times champions of the ever-illusive Super-Bowl trophy in the life of every NFL player, said that he is not becoming a movie star or a analyst in Fox Sport, instead he is just concentrating in the needs of his new cat baby and that is why Brady stays busy nowadays.

Tom Brady in his recent tweet said that people who have made their own ideas about him that he still has time for coming back to NFL, has surely never taken care of two month old baby cat for their child. Rich Eisen recently tweeted about how he thinks that Brady is not done with NFL yet, said there is a talk in the town that fans should keep their eyes upon Miami. Brady retweeted that and said those words.

Tom Brady has recently given two mix kittens a new home as he adopted them for her daughter who is very close to animals. Tom Brady with his son Benjamin and daughter Vivian spent some time voulenteering for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and then they decided to adopt the two kittens.

Tom Brady Is Buy Becoming A Cat-Dad:

Brady has been linked to the Miami team for some time since the owner of the team found guilty of rule tampering as he contracted the player while Tom was still under contract with the Patriots. However, Tom Brady when announced his retirement on 1stFebruary, he said this time he will not be coming back again.

Tom apparently is taking his new role as a cat father very seriously. He has added some snaps of him with his kitten baby on social media accounts.