Two Weeks Left To Affirm The Last Stimulus Check

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South Carolina residents have only 15 days to claim their last stimulus check, which is being issued after a lot of struggle from the residents and state governors. It would be stupid if anyone still fails to claim it again. In the beginning, when the first payment was issued under the American rescue plan act, more than millions were unaware of the system and rules. They didn’t file taxes nor neither they claim their checks.

What Is The Proper Amount For A Stimulus Check? Busting The Myths

The answer is a straight No. There is no proper amount for a stimulus check. The amount an individual owes to the tax is the same amount they are going to get as a stimulus check. And there is a myth or rumor, the more a taxpayer earns or pays the same amount they are going to receive. For example, if you earn $150,000 a year and you paid taxes worth $1500, this isn’t necessarily you would be getting $1500 worth of stimulus checks whatsoever. The amount has been already fixed by the state government which is $800.And if you pay fewer taxes the amount of relief checks will be equal to their taxes.

And the stimulus check depends on the taxpayers who have paid taxes for 2021 by 17th October 2022. They are eligible for a relief check which is going to be issued soon and as per the announcement all of the claimers will receive their payments by the end of march.

Many residents have decided not to file taxes because the amount of stimulus checks is less than what they have expected. But it would be foolish of them to do so. The IRS warned people since inflation there is a possibility of no more stimulus checks, so even the states have taken the matter into their own hands and given assistance to their residents. It is highly appreciated if they claim whatever amount the state government has arranged.