Super Bowl Jesus Ad Has Angered Both Sides Of The Faction

Super Bowl Jesus

The Super Bowl Jesus advertisement for an evangelical Christian website called He Gets Us has been on TV for a large part of the previous year. This ad has usually been showcased during multiple sporting events and the Grammys. The ad, according to reports, uses striking monochrome photographs of multiple events that have taken place recently in order to project certain Christian values on our modern life.

The ad portrays Jesus as an influencer who has been canceled, along with a struggling worker and several other stereotypes. When the ad was shown during the recent Super Bowl commercial, it managed to bring together both sides of the ideological spectrum in outrage over the show. 

Super Bowl Jesus Has Sparked Outraged From Both Political Factions

One of the more vehement oppositions to this Super Bowl Jesus was by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the left-wing Democratic congresswoman from New York City. AOC sarcastically tweeted that there was absolutely no possibility of Jesus spending millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads in order to make fascism look clean and timid. On the other hand, Charlie Kirk- the founder of Turning Point USA, a right-wing campus group- went on to claim that this advertisement pandered to the liberals.

He had previously condemned this campaign as one of the worst services to Christianity in the modern period. This campaign, which has attracted a lot of criticism- has been the brainchild of the Servant Foundation, which is a non-profit outfit based in Kansas. The funding for this ad comes from anonymous donations, which the group has been pretty tight-lipped about. However, it came to news that David Green, the billionaire founder of Hobby Lobby, had donated close to $100 million for the Super Bowl Jesus ad.