Minnesota Governor Won The Hearts Of Million Women, How?

Minnesota Governor

He is not quite the charmer or heartthrob. However, his action spoke a thousand words and millions of women’s minds. Minnesota governor made a long waited wish come true. Exactly what did he do? Well, he made his point very loud and clear. And stood his ground and didn’t move an inch whatsoever. He made clear that abortion is a fundamental right. Abortion was already legal in Minnesota, but there various types of pros and cons bothering women.

Minnesota Governor Built Up An Iron Wall To Protect Women’s Rights

US supreme court was intervening with state laws and with woman’s rights. And abortion is not illegal in Minnesota, but many interruptions from the supreme court made it a living hell for women. And Minnesota governor made his voice heard, this is a fundamental right. Also, every woman has the right to take their decision, this is their reproductive system and it needs protection.

The government is not one to strip away their rights. Minnesota governor made a promise to every woman resident, and in his own words, he is building up a firewall to his promises. All the women in Minnesota need to feel protected and not threatened. Furthermore, each and every woman has the freedom to access their reproductive system, and the government’s duty is to provide them with the proper tools.

Minnesota Governor, further elaborated on what is a fundamental right in this regard, all woman has the right to access contraceptive pills, sterilization, family planning, fertility services, and counseling on this reproductive matter. All women are free to access or exercise any kind of matter on this abortion matter. Democrat party Minnesota Governor Walz made women’s lives easier there, whereas republicans fought through not letting it happen.